Let go, fear less, love more
Let go, fear less, love more
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Class Levels

Level 1 – Beginner, suitable if you are new to yoga, have limited movement or specific health concerns.

Level 2 – Students starting yoga in good physical condition and those continuing their practice.

Level 3 – Students familiar with yoga asanas, in good physical condition and enjoying a regular yoga practice.

Class Descriptions

  • Align & Flow – all levels practice based on the work of BKS Iyengar.  Class includes instruction on alignment in poses and the innovative use of props.  We then take alignment into flow sequences.  A good beginner practice for basics.
  • Back Care Yoga – relaxation, breathing and yoga postures geared toward increasing back and hamstring flexibility, hip stability and core strength.  Restorative postures relieve muscular tension.  Beginner friendly.
  • Sit and Stretch Yoga – an adaptive yoga practice of seated chair poses and standing poses.  Excellent for those wanting a slower paced therapeutic approach to yoga.  Suitable for those recovering from illness, injury or anyone living with chronic pain.
  • Slow Flow Yoga – Slower style of flow yoga linking breath to movement with sequences that range from gentle to mildly active.  You’ll build strength and flexibility through slow focused movements by allowing your body to deepen in the stretch and linger in the strengthening poses.
  • Viniyoga Inspired with Self Care – this class opens with Self Care techniques using a foam roller and/or soft balls to address fascial release in the tissues.  We then move into a related Viniyoga inspired sequence.  This work adapts and applies yoga in a therapeutic context.  Expect mild intensity slow paced movement with breath.
  • Yin – a quite practice of seated floor Yin poses to create a deep opening of the hips, spine and shoulders.  Poses are typically held from 3 to 5 minutes with relaxed muscles.
  • Yin and Reiki First Friday – a soothing practice that combines carefully chosen gentle yin poses held for periods of time, with Reiki treatments, a healing touch art that provides stress reduction and increased relaxation for the class participants by boosting and supporting the natual healing and cleansing processes in the body.
  • Yoga Unravel – Disentangle the knots of stress in mind, body and spirit with a deeply absorbing and integrating practice.  Soak in the nourishment of balance of movement and rest.  Combines gentle flow, restoratives, meditation and breath practices.
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